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Debby Lumkes is the founder and principal of the Law and Mediation Office of Debby Lumkes. She has devoted almost 30 years to practicing criminal and family law in Washoe County and the surrounding areas.

When you need a lawyer, you want to work with one who fights for your rights and interests and also treats you with respect. You want an experienced attorney who knows the legal system inside and out – that attorney is Debby Lumkes. Get in touch with her today, and find out how she can help you.


Debby has been practicing family law for almost 30 years in a majority of the counties in Nevada. Whether a complex custody case, joyful adoption, termination of a domestic relationship, or litigating temporary protection orders, Debby will utilize her vast experience and training to represent your interests.


Increasingly, parties look for alternatives to costly litigation when terminating their relationships. Mediation involves a trained and experienced neutral third party who will listen to both sides and design an agreement that benefits everyone involved. Debby has more than 100 hours of family mediation training which enables her to find the best possible solutions for the parties.


If you are a parent whose child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, it is very important to retain an attorney who is knowledgeable in juvenile law. Debby can help you navigate through this difficult time. A delinquency charge against your child does not have to negatively affect the rest of his or her life.


Hiring a lawyer is one of the first steps you should take if you are ever accused of a crime or taken into police custody. The criminal justice system is intimidating and overwhelming. Debby's familiarity with this system ensures that you will clearly understand your options in order to help you make informed decisions.

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